Milk and Cookies and Vegas

Milk and Cookies and Vegas

Sensible friends today come in the form of Trip Advisor strangers. The thing I love about Trip Advisor is that you generally visit the page when planning a trip and who doesn’t love a trip to anywhere?

Rob and I have been talking about this one for a decade, since we sat on a veranda in Bali on our tenth wedding anniversary sipping champagne from our treasured “bride” and “groom” glasses. We decided back then that if we made it to twenty years we’d go to Las Vegas and get married again in the cheesiest ‘wedding’ ceremony we could find.

That time has come. A lot has happened in our twenty years together. There’s a time for knuckling down to the hard, often happy, sometimes sad business of raising a family….and there’s a time for fun.

I’ve been angling for a drive-thru ceremony but Rob’s insisting on an Elvis celebrant who looks and sounds nothing like Elvis. We’ve booked a couple of nights at the Bellagio as it seemed to embody everything that is wonderful about Vegas – majestic fountains, close to the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, a volcano, “fun with guns”, Rod Stewart, and the Colosseum. Who needs Europe?

Before Vegas we’re taking a road trip from San Francisco down the Big Sur with a couple of overnighters including a quaint little place in Carmel that serves milk and cookies with their turn-down service. Adorable.

The children will fly themselves over to meet us in Los Angeles. A week in West Hollywood (WeHo!) is about as close to camping as we’re likely to get, I think. Some of you might think this is a bit sad but I think: Santa Monica Boulevard baby!

welcome las vegas


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  1. Clint Eastwood was a one term mayor of Carmel & his only claim to fame whilst in office was gaining approval for the general public to be allowed to eat ice cream whilst walking on the streets of Carmel.
    Also, Doris Day has a hotel in Carmel that allows dogs to sleepover – you must have tea there.
    Whilst I’m blathering, I’m with Rob on the Elvis wedding! Will he be singing the vows ?

    1. I feel certain Rob will sing Richard! There are dogs allowed at the place we’re staying in Carmel and also at the LA digs, or it may just be dogs are allowed at the courtyard bar not the actual hotel (the Palihouse) but anyone who knows our dog Saffy knows there is Buckley’s chance of her ever travelling further than Margaret River with us. By the way Doris and I have something in common; we’ve both been Calamity Jane. I might look her up when we’re there to chat show biz lives.

  2. I’m so excited for you. And with only a couple of yeas till our 20th I am thinking of stealing this idea. I have dreamed of visiting Carmel…ever since I read about it many many years ago in soppy Danielle Steele books. I can’t believe I just admitted on the Internet that I used to read Danielle Steele.
    P.s good to see your post pop up, I have missed you writing


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