The Giant Tea Towel

The Giant Tea Towel

Because I am getting very good at following advice, I bought a few turkish towels to try as I have zero storage in this house and thought, if successful, these could eventually replace the towelling towels that have all seen better days.

I am loving my giant tea towels, which is exactly what they feel like. Once they have been washed and dried they are lovely and absorbent, they dry in a flash and they look lovely hanging in the bathroom and even tossed upon the floor which is where my kids like to store things.

I bought mine at Knotty Towels which offered a friendly, fast service and has an easy-to-navigate site for buying. They were around $39 each so not cheap but they have earned their value in practicality and aesthetics.

Knotty is an Australian company.

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  1. I followed your advice late last year and bought myself a tea towel. I haven’t looked back and will be buying more for the family, particularly for more family camping trips where space is limited. Thank you for your sensible advice.


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