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The Local Grocer Delivers the Goods

The Local Grocer Delivers the Goods

This week I took a “preview” delivery of gorgeously fresh and mostly* very local fruit and veggies from new Perth business, The Local Grocer. It’s not available for orders until next week – I happened to have thrown an embarrassingly small amount of money at the business to help them start-up via the hot new(ish) concept of crowd funding – so they let me order a week early. They also asked me not to publicise their website until next week but I just couldn’t wait so please don’t tell on me.

Local Grocer seasonal box

It is chockas! The fruit and veg are fresh, cold and crisp and the local ham…lovely. It came at about 5.30pm so I whipped out a few ingredients and threw it together to make a ham and vegetable risotto.

risotto ingredients

It was all locally fabulous with a handful of frozen peas because the kids love them.

risotto local grocer

The box was $70 and will easily feed the five of us for the week. My box is a conventional box; the organic box is $90. I will have to supplement a couple of things – we eat a lot of apples here and we also have a beetroot, celery and carrot juice (Juice-Plus! we call it) each morning so need big quantities of those.

You don’t have to order a seasonal box. You can just pick and choose exactly what you like and in any quantities. I wanted to check out the seasonal box to see what is actually seasonal right now, and also to see if it would suit me as I like the idea of one-click ordering (are you getting how lazy I am yet?).

If you live in Perth and you’re interested in supporting Greg and Mary Winning and The Local Grocer you can jump on board to order as of next week. Just don’t tell anyone or give it away that you had a sneak preview this week, promise? It’s our little secret.

*While the business is newly growing, there are a few items that need to come from interstate. They plan within a couple of years to be 100% local. It’s a work in progress, as with any good idea.

The Local Grocer

The Local Grocer

A Little Gem for Perth Locals:

Imagine if you could get fresh food delivered that was grown within a few miles of home by small-produce growers who were being well-paid to grow your food for you? I’m talking veggies, fruit, pasture-fed meats, you name it. Are you as excited as I am yet?

While I would love to grow my own food, I sadly did not inherit my mothers green thumb so I have been unable to keep anything more than a rose alive. Those suckers are impossible to kill.

Coming to your front door if you so wish early in 2013, The Local Grocer is the brainchild of Greg and Mary Winning and through hard work and crowd-funding they aim to deliver fresh food and produce to Perth locals from small scale growers, cutting out the wholesaler and delivering a fair price to the farmer for their food.

MSF Pic Local Grocer

So we in Perth get to eat locally knowing that the person who grew the food is getting a decent price for it and is able to keep his business afloat.

The fresh food industry sees farmers as ‘price takers’ (taking what they are given by the dominant retailers and wholesalers). The real money is made in the retail and wholesale ends. The farmers who sell to us will receive as much as 4 or 5 times the price they would normally receive for their produce. For example, recent prices for citrus meant farmers got 20c a kilo for fruit that sold for $2.00 a kilo in the retail shops. If we bought these from a wholesaler, we would pay $1kg. Instead, we will pay that $1kg straight to the grower and help them distribute and market their produce direct to the public. ~ Greg Winning

You can find out more about this fantastic project either through The Local Grocer’s Facebook page or the Pozible crowd funding page. It’s worth a look if you’re in Perth.

The Local Grocer on Pozible

The Local Grocer on Facebook

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