So Here We Are

So Here We Are

I am writing this with a trembling hand. My first post. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I even attempted blogging a few years ago but was overcome by self-consciousness and lack of relevance. What has changed since then you ask? Well nothing. But now I am writing up my friends ideas and wisdom so it’s their reps on the line, not mine.

The thing that was holding me back was lack of a title for the blog. One of above-mentioned friends called in last night for a vodka and soda (with fresh lime and mint to disguise the fact that while it has no calories, vodka and soda is a bland and tasteless drink, even when it’s Belvedere vodka) on the veranda.

After a couple of jugs of the limey, minty vodka and soda’s whilst patiently listening to me bang on and on and on about my wanna-be blog, the dear friend came up with the name: My Sensible Friend. My hands are trembling with the mildly irritating hangover that is the cover price of the name.

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