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One in 80 000

One in 80 000

Apparently says Seth Godin, blogger extraordinaire, there are 80 000 new blogs created every day. It’s a bit sort of depressing, isn’t it? Just when I was struggling with relevance, there’s that figure. I almost want to post a picture of a cat doing something funny:

Onwards and upwards.

This post is just to briefly sing the praises of some other blogs among the millions (millions I tell you!) out there that have been recommended to me by my sensible friends that I keep going back to, again and again for either advice or a laugh or because I really don’t want to be doing what I should be doing.

First up I should point out that I am not specifically primal or vegetarian or sugar-free or anything-arian or religious (perhaps not at all) or atheist. I really hate the idea that I might be a fence sitter though: Instead I see myself as taking a little wisdom from all of the above.

Here are some people on the Internet worth checking out.

Sarah Wilson: She has a blog that “makes life better, sweeter” – without sugar. It’s a pretty scary concept but her science is sound and she isn’t fanatical in her approach. You read her little book and her blog and you almost think you could do it. She also puts why good fats are good in very simple, easy to understand language.

sarah wilson

Mark’s Daily Apple  Mark Sisson is pretty much the king of the primal, or paleo, eating movement and also has some good science on his blog, Mark’s Daily Apple. I really like that while he is devoted to his pathway he is not a purist. I was delighted when I read his advice to someone who was terrified of being offered fresh-baked bread that they’d be a fool not to have some (slathered with butter), even though his main gig is “grain-free”. For an older guy he is also very easy on the eye.

mark sisson 2

Recipe Rifle: I haven’t been reading this for long but what I have seen so far is hilarious. As one of MSF’s said recently “I want her to move to my town and be my friend”. She offers a recipe with each post and a funny, irreverent update on life in her world. I love her style.

recipe rifle

Flourish Magazine: This one is the work of one of my treasured sensible friends. It’s a wealth of recipes, advice, product info, reviews and fashion all based around the idea of living positively. I have a few articles floating around there but what you won’t see is gossip or celebs. A fresh approach to women’s stuff that leaves you feeling a bit better about yourself instead of hopelessly inadequate.

New Scientist Magazine: This isn’t a blog but there are loads of blogs in their blog section. It’s a magazine I love reading and I have zero science cells in my brain so that’s saying a lot about how hard they try to hit a wide audience. It is packed full of absolutely fascinating information like “cannibal insect sex caught on video” and how allergies could serve an evolutionary purpose, and “gut instinct” about the brain that is our stomach (Sarah Wilson talks about this in her blog too).

The Vine: “brings you all the latest news and rumours, facts and hard-hitting opinion, wanton gossip and downright lies, from the world of pop culture, music, fashion, art, entertainment and more..” I wish I was this cool.

There is more.  Jude Blereau for instance, Sally Fallon. My lovely friend who I have never met in person; Blayney Colmore. The Cool Hunter, Remodelista. I will get to them another day, soon. But there is no more time on this frantic summer’s eve to get it all down and who wants information overload? It’s enough that there are 80 000 others like me out there today another 80 000 tomorrow (it can’t be true!).

I would love to hear of the ones you follow.


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