Easy Peasy: Persimmon Brekky & Stuffed Spuds

Easy Peasy: Persimmon Brekky & Stuffed Spuds

Food Prep: Hate it (mostly).

When I want to paint a room, the only way to do it is buy a big tin of paint and pour some into a tray, roll a roller into it and start painting. I have not left out a single detail. My husband Rob boringly always says “preparation, preparation, preparation” and says it the three times, irritatingly. So now we only use Barry who does all our painting for us. Being in a very old house with a lot of timber there is regularly some painting to be done.

It’s the same with cooking – because I do not want and could never afford to have Barry do all our cooking and food prep, I will spend a day having a Condiment Day, where I make all the things that are so nice added to food like pesto, tomato sauce, béarnaise, mayonnaise, pasta sauce, umami paste and so on. All so that the rest of the time I don’t need to bother with all that.

In light of all that here are two meals that have pleased us all here and are perfect for the busy working/stay-at-home/unemployed mother:

Baked Spuds Stuffed With Whatever’s Handy

No one needs a recipe for this – it’s just more of a reminder.

Bake however many potatoes you like, takes about an hour and can be done the day before if need be.

Once well-baked cut in half, scoop out the soft potato and sit skins on baking tray.

Bake skins to crisp them up a bit sprayed with oil and salt/pepper for 20 mins 180 C

In a pan saute onion and bacon with maple syrup, salt and pepper, then add fresh vegetables, chopped and herbs.

Mix with the potato, stuff the skins, sprinkle with cheese and bake for 15 minutes.

stuffed potato skins stuffed potato skins before stuffed potato skins cheese

The other one is the result of The Local Grocer. I had a Seasonal Box delivered and with it came two persimmons which I have never before bought or eaten.MSF persimmon

I chopped one up in my food processor (thermomix) along with some shredded coconut, gogi berries and chia seeds (superfoods alert!) and it was amazeballs. Try it with a few macadamia nuts as well.

persimmon brekky persimmon brekky 2 persimmon brekky 3

3 Replies to “Easy Peasy: Persimmon Brekky & Stuffed Spuds”

  1. I like the idea of Condiment Day, Serena. I’m not very good at batch cooking, but excel in the “shit,it’s 5pm, what are we going to eat” style of cooking. You’ve inspired me to give the first type a go.

  2. Huge fan of condiment day. This arvo i whipped up a roasted garlic, tomato and basil sauce ready to stir through pasta or put on top of roasted veggie stacks. i also pureed pears …now frozen in ice cube trays to stir through porridge with cinnamon . Finally cooked up quinoa and brown rice and froze in portions ready to quickly stuff veggies with or turn into mish mash dinners . Love swapping tips with sensible friends 🙂

  3. I’m with you Rosie, but it’s usually 5.30 😉
    I think I’ll take the advice of MSF and make a day this week Condiment Day, starting with Joc’s roasted garlic, tomato and basil sauce. Delish!


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