Clever Man and Pepperilly

Clever Man and Pepperilly

Most of the good stuff I know comes from the women in my life. Yes you, reading this, you know who you are. But sometimes I get fantastic tips from the men these women were savvy enough to nab and keep.

From Clever Man Richard a wine tip – this fresh light Western Australian Rose wine called Pepperilly, in the Ferguson Valley. Look at the view they have, I want to sit under this tree and just drink rose all day:

pepperilly 1 MSF

Best of all this lovely rose is light on the purse as well. I picked it up on sale this week at about $12 a bottle (ordered online from the winery). I tested a few bottles last night with Rob and two dear old friends and it was spot on. The friends served up salmon and salad and the wine was a very happy match. Probably didn’t need to follow them up with the red but it’s holidays…

Pepperilly Rose MSF

More from the Clever Men soon.


2 Replies to “Clever Man and Pepperilly”

  1. Rosé my summer drink of choice ( when not on the Vodka) Haven’t tried this so thanks for tip. My latest fave is Happs Fuchsia around $15 a bottle.


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