Don’t say goodbye, say …..

Don’t say goodbye, say …..

What a relief the world didn’t end and The Walking Dead didn’t come true and we didn’t have a zombie Apocalypse.

And the heat continues: it’s currently just a tad under 42 degrees Celsius. For you Maria and others abroad that’s 107 in the shade.

I have the oven on blasting at 200 degrees roasting things (me included) now, preparing for a room temp dinner later and icy cold wines and vodka sodas on the veranda.

Do you wonder if there is a house attached to my veranda? There is, but it’s become full of amazonian teenagers so I’ve been driven outside (happily, although I may need one of those outdoor space heater things come July).

Thank you you guys for being my friends! I can safely say that, as I know all six of you who have subscribed. My husband Rob twice! Gosh look at all that excitement and not even a drink yet. Thank you for your love and wisdom, I would be poor of spirit without you and I wouldn’t wrap up each day in Turkish towels and drink good rosé and so much more.

This year was good, this year was fun, tomorrow is another one.


4 Replies to “Don’t say goodbye, say …..”

  1. Happy New Year, most sensible thing you did in 2012 was starting your blog 🙂 Oh and the verandah sounds a perfect escape from might find me hiding in the corner one day.


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