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Real [Easy] Baked Beans

Real [Easy] Baked Beans

This one is one of those recipes I am just kicking myself I haven’t been doing for years and years, suggested by a sensible school mum the other day. It is so easy and the difference health-wise between this version and Mr Heinz’s is unspeakable…I didn’t ‘fess up that I had been opening the can for years; I pretended I had been making them as below (no particular recipe) forever.

So here it is. You’re probably all doing this on a regular basis already. It’s just ridiculously simple. Next time I will reduce the amount of bacon and onion only because my littlest child struggled with the sudden difference in texture and demanded to inspect the tin.

baked beans 2 MSF

Baked Beans

Throw in a pan with some olive oil half a big red onion and a few rashers of bacon. Sauté until soft and aromatic. If you have boys the smell of this will draw them into the kitchen for a chat.

Add paprika, basil, salt and pepper, a tablespoon of molasses, about half a big jar of pasta sauce or sugo (I like Five Brothers Tomato) and anything else that you think will go well. I also add a big dollop of homemade tomato sauce/ketchup for extra sweetness.

Cook it down a bit with about half a cup of water. Add a can of cannellini beans, drained.

Pop it on buttered toast for brekky or over a bowl of rice or cous cous for dinner and Bob’s your uncle.

baked beans on toast msf


As a grand finale I urge you to have a read of the latest post of my all-time favourite food blog which is written by my whole food pin-up gal, Jude Blereau. Many years ago MSF Ali and I did a four-week whole food cooking course with Jude and there can just be no better grounding in food love than her teaching.

Jude has such a great take on what constitutes a ‘super’ food as well as her famous bone broth recipe which is very similar to that of my other foodie heroine, Sally Fallon who I saw speak several years ago when she headed up the Weston A Price Foundation.

If you’re on the hunt for a new recipe book you can’t do much better than Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions.

nourishing traditions sally fallon

The Local Grocer Delivers the Goods

The Local Grocer Delivers the Goods

This week I took a “preview” delivery of gorgeously fresh and mostly* very local fruit and veggies from new Perth business, The Local Grocer. It’s not available for orders until next week – I happened to have thrown an embarrassingly small amount of money at the business to help them start-up via the hot new(ish) concept of crowd funding – so they let me order a week early. They also asked me not to publicise their website until next week but I just couldn’t wait so please don’t tell on me.

Local Grocer seasonal box

It is chockas! The fruit and veg are fresh, cold and crisp and the local ham…lovely. It came at about 5.30pm so I whipped out a few ingredients and threw it together to make a ham and vegetable risotto.

risotto ingredients

It was all locally fabulous with a handful of frozen peas because the kids love them.

risotto local grocer

The box was $70 and will easily feed the five of us for the week. My box is a conventional box; the organic box is $90. I will have to supplement a couple of things – we eat a lot of apples here and we also have a beetroot, celery and carrot juice (Juice-Plus! we call it) each morning so need big quantities of those.

You don’t have to order a seasonal box. You can just pick and choose exactly what you like and in any quantities. I wanted to check out the seasonal box to see what is actually seasonal right now, and also to see if it would suit me as I like the idea of one-click ordering (are you getting how lazy I am yet?).

If you live in Perth and you’re interested in supporting Greg and Mary Winning and The Local Grocer you can jump on board to order as of next week. Just don’t tell anyone or give it away that you had a sneak preview this week, promise? It’s our little secret.

*While the business is newly growing, there are a few items that need to come from interstate. They plan within a couple of years to be 100% local. It’s a work in progress, as with any good idea.

Margaret River Farmers Markets Part 2

Margaret River Farmers Markets Part 2

You’ve never seen so many hotties in one place as here at the farmers market. It must have been well into the high thirties by 10am and people were wandering around sweating and eating freshly grown peaches and home made icy poles to try to cool down.

The lovely Lara and Jamie McCall were there selling their home grown avocados, wine and honey. They have Burnside Bungalows and an amazing organic farm:
Burnside Organic Farm
The markets are now open in Margaret River every Saturday from 8.30am, you can check out who’s selling what here:
Farmers Market Margaret River


While in town MSF Keir and Clever Man Ian (from now on I am officially abbreviating, like Abed in Community, so MSF is a reference to those sensible friends) joined me for cake and coffee at Blue Ginger. It’s the sort of shop you want to move into and live in. You half expect to see Angus Stone and John Butler just jammin’ out the front for the fun of it.

It’s my opinion (rare as a hens tooth on this blog…promise) that there’s a global and powerful shift towards produce-shopping more like our grandparents did and less like the big supermarkets encourage us to with their cheap prices and shiny cling filmed food. I barely even washed my beetroot before juicing it this morning. So there.

Thanks to MSF Rosie (she who runs when she isn’t busy having babies) I had a voucher for both the Blue Ginger cafe and the shop, so no second mortgage on the house needed this time (much as I love to shop like this, I can’t afford to all the time). But seriously, you get what you pay for and in this case, and I got coconut oil, Australian apricots, coconut flour, muesli, cacao powder and several of their own mix of spices. My favourites are the Tuscan mix and the Creole mix. Almost all deliciously organic and holier than thou.

I didn’t manage to get a photo of us there because I forgot, but did snap a couple of shots as I was melting out the door back into the heat wave.



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